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Leyendas y Tinto: Program that helps preserve the historical memory of the word through conversations between young people and adults. All our myths and legends will be shared in territories such as Donmatías, Sonsón, Necoclí and Boston.

Join us, at your close town.

(Update Nov.11.2022. )

There's something in you, that the world needs.

Our territories are spaces full of innumerable talents, diverse people with incalculable capacities who are waiting for opportunities, our initiative promotes the evolution of ideals and social development, the generation of spaces for the potential use of capacities, at the same time , generating incentives for the distribution of opportunities in a fair and proportional manner.

We discuss Ideas, not people.

Our ideology focuses on the discussion of ideas, hence we promote the culture of being different without being enemies, backed by leadership, citizen participation and a sense of belonging, which will allow us to achieve social transformation.

Our Impact. 

Contribute to social transformation by promoting a new culture of leadership and citizen participation, broad, free and respectful, based on the discussion of ideas and the construction of society based on will and intelligence.

Foundation nonprofit

Boston Massachusetts 

Colombia Antioquia Donmatías